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TMS Intraweb Components with IW15 ?
Hi all,

I'm considering investing in the TMS Intraweb Component Pro Pack, mainly due to requirements for listing SQL table data in grid form, with options for paging and for on-screen viewing / searching and with options for printing grid contents directly, or at least export to both Excel and PDF file formats.

Do anyone in here have any experience with that ? Any pros and cons ?

Hi Soren, you can all this stuff using and it's free. IW 17 will use DataTable.
Hi Jose,

Thanks for the link. is looking great and as you say, can do all I want.

I looked at downloading it but are confused about all the options one has to select before downloading. I have however selected a few, just to see what I get. Also I have difficulties in understanding it's relations to an IWForm.

Do you know of any IW examples making use of ?

Some users have made work in 15. I cant remember if it was JNP or others though.

17 includes native support for and we've posted video and other about it.

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