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Publishing IW XV through a TMG 2010 firewal
So, my latest adventure in thoroughly abusing Intraweb

I have a version in IW 11 that is published through a Microsoft Forefront 2010 TMG firewall, which works fine, but when I try to publish the same app produced in IW15 through the same firewall rules it's not working - the only js error I'm receiving is about the manifest.json file, but any buttons on my TMS grids - they just cause the website to hang, as if awaiting a response.

Does anyone know what is likely to have changed between IW XI and IW XV that I would need to update my firewall rules for?
IntraWeb only ever uses one port. So there are no firewall changes unless you have something more invasive than a firewall which inspects the contents and is interfering with the contents.

TMG is one such that does this. Check its logs as it can interfere a lot. Also note that you are reaching a hard end of life with TMG:

"Mainstream support ceased on 14 April 2015 and extended support will end on 14 April 2020."

6 months from now, TMG 2010 is a hard DOA.
Further info: 
When I try to access the sites using my Safari browser, I get an error about AjaxPOST not receiving a response:

it only seems to be breaking async events -if I move all my onasynclicks to onclicks, it's all working tickety-boo
I would suggest you still check the TMG logs. It is likely intercepting the async callbacks. These firewalls that do inspection are a royal PITA.

If you turn on SSL you can usually bypass most issues as well because then the firewall can't look at the content. Nearly all websites are going SSL anyway and things like TMG will become less usable for their original design purpose.
IntraWeb runs in a variety of proxys, reverse proxys and firewalls, unchanged.

If something is failing, that's because the firewall software is changing the request/response. Most cases I've seen are caused by code injected by the firewall software which causes the browser to reject it.

Please inspect the responses using your browser Developer tools (F12). Also check the browser console (JavaScript errors will be highly visible there)

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