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Historic IW Forum Content
I have sets of XanaNews newsgroup files containing these Intraweb postings:

2007.04.17 - 2008.08.06 (1073 messages)
2008.08.10 - 2011.12.20 (3656 messages)
2009.07.27 - 2018.03.22 (22081 messages)

Xananews can export each of these sets into one text file consisting of the messages as they arrived, with headers, and ending each one with a single . on the line.

Alternatively, for each set there are two text files: one is an articles.dat file with data about the messages, presumably including threading data, and the larger one is the messages.dat file with the message texts, each message with a recognizable header line.

The gaps and overlaps in the dates represent server failures where the message numbers were screwed up so a fresh newsgroup was needed. So no guarantee that they are complete!

If anyone would like to extract the data from them, and it is legal to do so, I would be happy to upload them somewhere.

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