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IW15.1.5 TIWCallBacks.Invoke not passing query string parameters
I come from IW15.0.23 where I had a working IW app using IWBS and templates to show a bootstrapTable with server-side search.
For this to work the client sends back the search string as a query string parameter. In IW15.1.5 this is not working anymore.
Debugging this I see the callback is called by TIWCallBacks.Invoke() and this method should provide the params by copying it from LForm.Params. But this property is empty.

aRequest.Params is filled with the correct params...
Can you please provide a working demo?

EventParams are copied from LForm.Params and passed to the callback function in every case, except if your callback function doesn't have parameters (a reference to procedure with no params)
Yes, I'll create an example. Hopefully today.
I send you an email with download link to an example.
Please test the fixed version of IWBSRestServer.pas (attached). It should work just like the previous version now.

This fix will be also available in our next release.

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Hi Alexandre,

I tested the fix and it worked.

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