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I recently updated a Win32 Delphi program from XE with IW 14.0.32 to 10.3.1 with the bundled IW 14.2.10 update after I requested a bundled key. 

I am using TIWCalendar and it worked fine previously.  However, since the move to Rio I am unable to change the WeekStarts property of the TIWCalendar to anything but wsMonday. 

If I try to change it to some other day, the weeks on the calendar will still start on Monday.

Any thoughts?
Never mind. I worked it out. It was my mistake.
Thanks for the follow up.
Подскажите пожалуйста где посмотреть пример использования TIWCalendar

Please tell me where to see an example of using TIWCalendar

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