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IWGrid proposals wanted....
Hi All,

I'm working on a general search function where users are creating a kind of SQL statement by a visual selection of tables and field names, and putting in limitation criteria's. The idea is to start with no, or just a few limitations, almost showing all of the table in the grid, and then limit the contents by adding limitations to eventually nail down the information being searched for.

Due to the number of rows, I would like to use some kind of paging but don't seem to have that as part of the standard IWGrid.

As I'm not likely to be the first person to need that, I would like to know what others have done to solve that need and / or what you will propose me to look at ?

You can just add paging buttons easily to your form and then limit which data you put in the grid using filters or where clauses. 17 supports paging built in.

CGD or TMS may also have paging.
Hi Kudzu,

Thanks for your proposal.

I do have TMS but currently their TMS Intraweb does not support Rio 10.3 yet, and they claim to be behind due to trouble on the Embarcadero site.

Anyway I will want to avoid mixing your IW components with components from other companies, and will wait eagerly for the launch of IW 17.

As you suggest, I can create my own form of paging and will do that for the time being. It's not a critical point.
I can confirm that EMBT servers have had issues for weeks and continue to do so.

But as you've confirmed - paging is very easy to add.

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