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IW 15.1.2 download issue
Hi Alexandre,

I see from the tread about IW 15.1.2 is out, that you have a number of issues to solve, so this might not be the most urgent:

When installing the IW 15.1.2, and selecting the "Install IWBootstrap Demos and Resources", the installer downloads 1,91mb out of 9,15mb and then halts with the message "Sorry, the files could not be downloaded. Click Retry.... or cancel...."

Retry do not solve it.

NB! I am running the install as administrator and my viruscheck is off.

Most likely this is an intermittent issue in routing for your internet service. Is this repeatable on a different day?
Yes. After 1,91mb downloaded it stops for a few seconds and then report: Download Failed and the error message saying files could not be downloaded.

Is it possible to get the demos elsewhere ?
Try clearing your browser cache. No other user is reporting this issue.

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