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Get Value From JavaScript
Howdy All!

Is there an easy way to get a value from a control via javascript? That is, I want to do something like:

bool bChecked =  ExecuteJavaScript("document.getElementById("myCheck").checked;");

Thanks in advance,

if bChecked is client side (I see = not :=) then why not just call the .getElement etc directly?

For 17 check this out:
Howdy Chad!

It is on the SERVER side (remember I program in c++)!

The link looks very promising for IW 17!

Well, I need to finish a fix for the latest DevExpress component update and then I need to search for a new jQuery CheckBox / RadioButton component(s) I can wrap to replace the default IWBS4 as they aren't working and I don't have time to figure out where in the zillion overrides they get called / updated properly.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

I asked Alexandre to chime in. There are ways in 14/15 as well but he is better positioned to suggest the best approach in those.

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