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Client IP changing breaking security
Hi there.  I received a report of someone on the new Galaxy10 cell phone that is getting an error that the IP address is changing and they cannot establish a connection.  I had this once with an iPhone too.

My whole application is in SSL and the error message is "The IP you are using is different than the one that initiated the session.   Security check failed.  Please restart application."

Is there a way to loosen the security of the web application to allow the IP address to dynamically change?  I read on-line that the new Galaxy 10 has networking issues so this is probably a flawed product but I wanted to ask the technical question if we can do anything to compensate for this problem.


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Hi, You can Uncheck this options. Read this post.

From Here:
New property ServerController.SecurityOptions:
  • CheckSameIP: Will raise an EIWSecurityException if a different IP is used in a subsequent request using the same Session ID. Default True.
Thank you very much.  Is there any security concerns with turning off this check?  Cheers. b
No major security issues if you turn it off. Some mobile providers rotate IPs quickly and improperly and thus it must be turned off for them.
OK, great thank you.  I really appreciate your interaction and hope you have a great day.  Cheers!

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