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StandAlone controller, can't connect
C++ Builder XE7, latest IW, Standalone Controller...

Two outstanding problems:

(1) If I don't do a complete rebuild of the project, I get an unlicensed usage page (I'm fully licensed).  I guess I can work around this bit I wonder if it has a bearing on the following..

(2) I cannot connect to the app with a browser.  If I include the Run() command in the following:

        IWStandAloneServer1 = new TIWStandAloneServer( this );
        IWStandAloneServer1->Start( __classid(TSaServerIndy) );
//        IWStandAloneServer1->Run();

then the browser opens and I get the page fine (possibly following the unlicensed warning, depending on whether I have re-built).  But try as I may, with or without the Run() command, I cannot connect from a browser using or or$/start or anything else I can think of.  I notice from the browser history that successful connections via Run() use seemingly random ports in the 50000 range.

Thanks for help, I'm sure you know the Help link installed with the latest IW is actually broken.

It sounds like you have old .obj or other files around. This type of behavior occurs when such happens.

I would suggest you clean up the .obj (and possibly .dcu) files and see if it persists.

Regarding help link, I will log this. Thanks.

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