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Can't load package dclIndyCore120.bpl
(03-12-2019, 04:43 PM)didier.cabale Wrote: Note2: I checked that no other dclIndyCore120.bpl library was already installed on the PC:

But, did you also remove all of the Indy source files that were pre-installed with the IDE? Please read the installation instructions, in particular the paragraph about "If Indy 10 is already installed, it needs to be uninstalled first". It is not enough to just remove the pre-installed binaries, you have to remove the source code, too. The TIdStackLocalAddressList.GetAddress() method definitely exists in the latest version of Indy, but the TIdStackLocalAddressList class itself DID NOT exist yet in the version of Indy that shipped with Delphi 2009. So it sounds like when you compiled Indy, it compiled with the old version of IdStack.pas instead of the latest.


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