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TIWTabControl - change the Tab style (CSS)
(04-12-2018, 09:11 AM)jorgo2018 Wrote: Oh dear,

I tested following:

procedure TIWForm1.IWAppFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
 with ExtraHeader do
   Add('<style type="text/css">');
   Add(' .IWTABCONTROL1CSS-ACTIVE-TAB {cursor: pointer; font-family: Arial, Sans-Serif, Verdana; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-size: 16px; text-decoration: none;color: #000000; background-color:#F0F0F0; height: 24px; padding: 8px; border: 1px ; }');

Unfortunately, that did not work. It changed nothing to "IWTabControl1".
Does somebody has any idea?

Best regards
I played with this some, and it seems to work as advertised for me... even though I don't know what I'm doing <g>.

I wanted my tabs to be equal size across the top.  Not knowing the html/css to do that, I found

Applying the solution found there to the IWTab, I entered the following in my CSS:

  width: 100%;
  table-layout: fixed;
  display: table-cell;
  text-align: center;

I have NOT done anything else with the form or tab control so I may have some tweaks to do if I broke something else... but the tabs were modified as advertised.  So, you might want to try that approach again.


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