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(04-07-2018, 06:52 PM)DanielFields Wrote: I'm trying this method out before using it in a live setting.  The result of the code below is a blank screen.  Is there some way to return text, or an error message?

procedure TIWServerController.IWServerControllerBaseBeforeNewSession(const aUrlPath: string; aRequest: THttpRequest; out vCanCreate: Boolean);
  vCanCreate := false;

Hi Daniel,

I think you are trying to use this event to actually block some user from starting a session and, at the same time, provide some feedback, right? I have to give it a thought. When you don't allow a session creation IW will return HTTP status code 404, not 200.
In order to provide a page containing error information you would have to have full access to a response object. Not sure if it is possible without a few changes....

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