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How to use Log in standalone app (in C++)
As C++ users are less than 5% compared to Delphi at 95%, we like many vendors support C++ users but have limited demos and documentation for it.

In the EMBT C++ world, Delphi is a must to be able to read as even the VCL is written in Delphi.

That being said, there used to be a standalone demo in C++ but I'm not sure if it still exists in the repository.

Use of FormIWMain.Log is what you want but it comes with a caveat. You are now static linking to the UI form and your application can no longer be deployed as ISAPI or ASPX as long as that static link exists.

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RE: How to use Log in standalone app (in C++) - by kudzu - 04-06-2018, 11:54 PM

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