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How to use Log in standalone app (in C++)
Basically I can't work out how to write messages to the stand-alone app 'Log' window. In essence it should be simple. There should be a 'Log (message)' function, but I can't find it.

I am using IW 14.2.7 Ultimate

Here are references I have found to the Log function:

In to the Delphi example (under OnAfterDispatch: TOnDispatch) on this page:

There should be a function Log (msg)  that can be used.  But Log is a data member / parameter in this class not a function.

In the 'intraweb manual'  (pg 118)

Writing custom messages to the debug area 
To write your custom messages in the debug area you may use the method "Log" of the StandAlone window. In Intraweb for Delphi, the default StandAlone window is of type TFormIWMain and is declared in the unit IWMain. In Intraweb for Visual Studio .NET the default StandAlone window is of type Main declared in the Atozed.Intraweb.NETMain namespace. The "Log" method takes a parametter AMsg of type string, which represents the message to be written in the debug area. 

But there is no TFormIWMain class in the C++ app that I can find - or unit IWMain

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