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IntraWeb 15.0.16 is out! Includes Delphi 10.3 Rio support!
(11-22-2018, 09:09 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: I must point out that I'm genuinely impressed with the amount of effort put into Delphi 10.3 release.

The number of bugs fixed is impressive, not to mention the new additions to the language which are more than welcome:

I watched the recorded webinar a couple of days ago.  A lot looked good, though I was doing some other things and may have missed some details.  If I recall, ARC is taking on water and being sunk?  Perhaps even in mobile?  R.I.P.

Some of the variable scope and declaration changes seemed handy, but I'd have thought they'd use a slightly different syntax that seems more consistent elsewhere in Delphi.  Do I remember correctly that inline declaration would be like:
   var  Varname:vartype:=value;
I figured they'd use what seems more Delphi-like to me:
   var  Varname:vartype=value;  // may be misremembering their syntax
That's kind of a nit, but I thought curious.  I always pictured that as the purpose of the :=

The "auto" variables and inferential types seem a bit dangerous (said by a VB guy no less).  I've been a fan, in that world, of sometimes using inferred types while tinkering but forcing full declaration before I'm done (with Option Explicit).  Can inferred types be disabled?

Your ability to prepare a release against it so quickly says a lot about forward compatibility of code, which has been a hot button with me.

Not sure if I'll go there (a lot of landmines between XE2 and there), but they've got my attention again.  Too bad they didn't make all the upgrades as seamless.  They scared me with a couple.

Let me know what I misunderstood.


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