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OpenSSL binaries for Linux needed or not?
Remy, thanks for explaining this.
Meanwhile I have discovered that the 'dl-error-skelaton.c' request only happens if I use the debugger in Lazarus to step through the code in the connection phase!
If I put a breakpoint a bit past the IdGetMail.Connect in the code and then just run up until it breaks there it works without showing this message!
Can it be that the message is related to the GNU debugger instead?
Anyway, now that I know this I can debug the application by avoiding the dangerous spots for breakpoints.

I also then found that the Indy mail components are able to work with SSL in talking to the mail server and retrieving the messages. I did not have to do anything like copying over so files or similar, that is good!
So the Ubuntu openSSL installation seems to take care of that.

I am now looking at the IdFTP component, which has trouble retrieving the .htpasswd file from the website when it needs to update its content (adding a new user login). I think it might be caused by the website server not allowing certain clients access to certain files. I have two FTP clients I use, FileZilla and the old WS_FTP95. The latter was what I used to manage the website years ago and it handled all files, but since some time now the .htpasswd and .htaccess files do no longer show up when I connect. But in FileZilla they are present and I can handle them.
I suspect that the IdFTP component somehow acts in ways similar to WS_FTP95 and that causes the server not to list these files.
But it might be something else entirely....

My Delphi2007 program (which I am now porting to Lazarus) runs fine on a Windows2003 server including update of .htpasswd, but not on a Windows 2016 server using the exact same binary....
But we are forced to shut down the W2003 server for security reasons, well past end-of-life...

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