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http.sys and SSL
(07-13-2018, 05:56 AM)TonyNZ Wrote: First up ... as far as I can gather the StandAloneSSL demo doesn't work when compiled under 15.0.7. I compile / run it under 14.2.28 and it all works. If I then compile it under 15.0.7 I either get (depending on browser) 404 pages ("Resource not found") or errors such as: EIdOSSLUnderlyingCryptoError 'Error accepting connection with SSL. ... routineConfusedsl3_get_client_hello:no shared cipher'!

I have however got my own SA working under 15.0.7 with SSL as an application and with a Custom Server. Now I want to use http.sys. To use http.sys with SSL do I have to convert the .pem files to IIS formats and install them so http.sys "knows" about them? If so ... advice or suggestions appreciated.


First things first: SSL works perfectly with IW 15. This has been extensively tested, both Indy and Http.sys servers.

Even if you are using Http.sys server you need to set your ServerController.SSLOptions.Port to your HTTPS port (default value is zero, which means don't do any HTTPS binding). If you set to, for instance, 443, your IW Http.sys application will create a binding for HTTPS using that port.

We will update our Http.sys doc to include HTTPS information and a new demo within a couple of days. I'll keep you posted. For now, the best documentation available is that one suggested by Jeroen, above, although not everything applies to IW Https.sys apps.

Kind regards

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