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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10
Thanks for your response. I did jump straight to MJ's instructions since I only use C Builder.  But, I tried to recover as below

I'm afraid that I've become terribly frustrated.  Yesterday I uninstalled and then re-installed Rad Studio 2007.
downloaded a fresh copy of Indy 10_5520 and followed the 4 pages of instructions that I got from the indy site.
removed dclindycore100.bpl and dclindyprotocols100.bpl using components->install packages
deleted the dclindy and indy binaries from the bin folder
deleted indy files from the source,lib, and include folders
extracted everything from Indy to folder of the same name in downloads  (instructions said to use a folder of my choice,
      should I have run this from the codegear directory in program files?)
ran FULLD_2007.BAT and FULLC_2007.BAT 
looked in the BIN folder and did not find any indy  bpl files, and there were also no indy files in the source, lib, and include folders?
Opened the IDE, looked at componenets->install and there was just a message that it couldn't find any dclindy....100 bpls. 
I did notice that there are 2 new folders (C11 and D11) in Indy 10_5520 that are not in the zip.
re-ran the BAT files with the output sent to a text file and discovered this message at the end of the FULLD run
58585 lines, 0.19 seconds, 329 bytes code, 0 bytes data.
Compile Core   
CodeGear Delphi for Win32 compiler version 18.5
Copyright © 1983,2007 CodeGear

C:\Users\bob\Downloads\Indy10_5520\Lib\Core\IndyCore110.dpk(25) Fatal: E2202 Required package 'IndySystem110' not found
I can't be this stupid.  Lot's of people must have done this successfully .. it seems simple enough.

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