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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10

That's what I was afraid of.  I'm concerned about mating something that uses unicode to an ansi system.  I have had problems with that in the past.  However,
I've read some posts from Feb 2016 where you patiently explained that, at least up to that point, the Indy versions were still maintaining compatibility with the
ansi versions of CBuilder and Delphi.  Since I primarily use CBuilder, I'm anticipating some problems there.  

I'm starting the ground work toward uninstalling my current version (10.1.5) and moving to a much later version.  Since I'm really only interested in SMTP and OpenSSL I'd guess my exposure to problems is somewhat limited (I hope).  

Thanks for all of your help.  You've been most gracious.

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RE: Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10 - by OldBob1938 - 07-01-2018, 11:20 PM

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