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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10
(06-27-2018, 08:04 PM)rlebeau Wrote:
(06-26-2018, 11:30 PM)OldBob1938 Wrote: I've used WhichFailedToLoad() and get a strange response whether the dlls are in my program directory or not.  Here's what WhichFailedToLoad() returns

All of those "..._indy" functions are used only by Indy 9, not Indy 10.  So your app is actually using Indy 9.  Your issue is similar to this one:

Which is current correct indy and open ssl versions to use with delphi2007

Indy 10 supports Delphi/C++Builder all the way back to v5 (though there are some known compiler issues with v5 specifically).  Indy will handle non-Unicode versions (though Unicode versions is preferred).  Depending on what your code looks like, you *might* need some tweaks, as there are additional properties/parameters available in various classes/procedures for handling ANSI strings.

(06-26-2018, 11:30 PM)OldBob1938 Wrote: Other than that, I do need to solve the inability to load the OpenSSL dlls.   Can now load the dlls, but had to use dlls  from 096.

That is because you are actually using Indy 9, not Indy 10.  Indy 9 does not support OpenSSL versions above 0.9.6 (and even then, it requires custom OpenSSL 0.9.6 DLLs, not the standard DLLs).  Indy 10 supports up to OpenSSL 1.0.2, using standard DLLs.

Remy, thanks for responding.

I am really surprised that I'm using Indy 9.  When I right click on the Icons (such as IdSMTP)  that I've dragged from the tool palette, they all show that they are for 10.1.15.  I tried to paste in the popup window that shows this, but that didn't work.    I do have folders for both Indy 9 and Indy 10 in the Program files(x86)\Codegear\Rad Studio\5.0\...subfolders.  Could the program be using code from the wrong folders?  Something must be wrong with my installation.  Project Options shows Indy 10 core design time and Indy 10 protocols design time are both checked.

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