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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10
I have a couple of large applications developed in C++Buiilder 2007 that use Indy 10.1.15.  They do work fine and I'm not interested in converting them to a newer version of Rad Studio.  One of the owners wants to change from using his current mail host to G-Suite, which puts me in a bit of a pickle.  The old embedded email part of the program was just plain.  No TLS/SSL.  I'm having the problem that many others faced with the program not being able to load SSL libraries.  I did put the appropriate dlls for OpenSSL 1.02 in the programs folder.  The program does seem to try to use these dlls, but something else is getting in the way. 

I've used WhichFailedToLoad() and get a strange response whether the dlls are in my program directory or not.  Here's what WhichFailedToLoad() returns


The IdOpenSSLSetLibPath isn't available in the Indy 10.1.15 to force the program to use the dlls from a specific directory.  It is available in the the version in Seattle, which I have.  But, I need to solve this problem with the code base that I have in BCB2007 ... it's a pretty big program.   I have thought of updating to a later version of Indy, but don't know what the effect would be on the overall program, or even if it is possible given that it's unicode.  The only part of Indy 10 that I'm using is the units related to sending mail. 

Other than that, I do need to solve the inability to load the OpenSSL dlls.    Can now load the dlls, but had to use dlls  from 096.  They worked, but I did have to tag the gmail account I was using as an insecure app.  I don't know how well that will work for G-Suite.  The G-Suite account is ready for use, but the customer is still trying to get a master password to their current webhost that will allow them to transfer their MX records.

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