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(06-14-2018, 11:19 AM)cyracks Wrote: Hello,

I have some problems with the order of components shown in the browser. As I understand property IWComponent.TabOrder is responsible for order of component regarding parent component. So if form consists of Region which is a parent to GridPanel and Label (both align = alTop) and if Label.TabOrder is 0, GridPanel.taborder is 1 that means Label should be set above the Button.

[Image: HpPQCVb.png]
LabelBoxWorkDept.TabOrder = 0
MGridPanelWorkDep.TabOrder = 1 (grid panel holds 2 buttons)

But when form is rendered components are in reverse order (GridPanel above Label)
[Image: HpQoW1L.png]

I should also mention that components are added to main form from another form by code (in main form on create event), but component names are not duplicated.
    FormSub := TFormSub.Create(WebApplication);
    FormSub.Region02WorkDeparture.Parent := MRegionMenuHolder;

What needs to be done so that components will be rendered in the same order as is defined by property TabOrder ?


This should work exactly as you described and we actually have several test cases using that construction and it should be working.
Which IW and Delphi version is that?

Are you sure your IW label is not constrained in any way? like for instance, Autosize = true or something else?

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