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TIWEdit - sample with pattern and regional settings
(04-28-2022, 10:10 PM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Hi Paul,

to be used in formatting of date time on the browser side or something else? Can you please detail a little bit more your requirements?

Hi Alexandre,

On the browser side.

As a company policy we install Windows in English language, thus browsers are also installed with English language.
But, because we are in the Netherlands, I would like to be able to present a Date in dd-mm-yyyy format, instead of mm/dd/yyyy, what the default for English is.
Momentarily, this can only be accomplished by setting the browser language to Dutch, but then the display language also changes to Dutch as well, and that's not what we want.

Hopefully this is possible, or if there is another way to accomplish this, I would like to hear about it.

Cheers, Paul

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