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ISAPI application stop responds
(07-09-2021, 09:25 PM)cpstevenc Wrote: Any chance that you are manually creating A form twice? Thus free'ing the last created one and the previous one just kind of floating out there?

Thanks for the reply,
each form created manually is freed in memory (FreeAndNil method)

(07-10-2021, 01:55 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: What's your IW and Delphi version?
Do  you have any other 3rd party IW controls (TMS or CGDevTools) or even IWBootstrap?

Seems that you have tons of memory leaks in your application. Leaking that way it is a matter of time before the application runs out of resources. When this happens, there is nothing that IW can do to keep it running because the memory manager will fail to allocate more memory even for simple things like a new string.

I suggest you use FastMM in FullDebugMode to find out what is leaking and fix this first.

Thanks for the reply,
I use delphi XE2 and IW 15.1.10, I don't use any third party components, I only used IW components and every form created in run time is regularly released (freeAndNil method) .. moreover the list of memory leaks are also shown if I run only the main form of the program, without activating the other options. can you tell me where I can find the information to use FastMM?
Thank you

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