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IdHTTPServer and session management Tutorial
(05-26-2020, 10:43 AM)Alan.F Wrote: I believe the forums.embarcadero site is no longer available. 

Correct, it is no longer available, and has not been for some time.

(05-26-2020, 10:43 AM)Alan.F Wrote: I hope somebody can help me to find this tuto.

There is no tutorial, really. Is there something in particular you are having trouble with? To use sessions, simply set the server's SessionState property to true, tweak its SessionIDCookieName property if desired, and optionally use its OnCreateSession and OnInvalidSession events if needed (if you don't create you own session objects in the OnCreateSession event, default objects are created automatically). Then you can use the ARequestInfo.Session.Content and AResponseInfo.Session.Content properties in the OnCommand... events to read/write per-session values as needed.


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