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Indy, OAuth 2.0 with protocol POP
Let mi start explaining:
I manage to connect via SMTP basing on project: . In the similar way, I did it on IMAP.
But, when I try to connect via POP3, like I do it via IMAP, I failed. On most forums, people write, that Google do not suport OAuth 2.0 on POP3, e.g.: . These are posts from the end of the year 2019, BUT on the official Google site, they claim that OAuth 2.0 is supported, e.g.: . Last update is in the beginning of April. I decided to look inside the Indy code, to IdPOP3 and IdIMAP4 classes. I found differences in the part of code, where authorization is - please, look at the TIdIMAP4.Login and TIdPOP3.Login pictures in attachment. I use initial-response in connection via SMTP and IMAP, but it looks like TIdPOP3 does not support initial-response. So, will I manage to connect with OAuth2 with POP3 in Indy (avoiding using app password)?

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RE: Indy, OAuth 2.0 with protocol POP - by IndyBeginner - 04-28-2020, 07:40 AM

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