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IWComboBox in a IWGrid, which is in a IWFrame
Hi there
I have a small project, which consists of a form, and a frame. In the frame there is a grid, and in the grid cells there are comboboxes, one in each cell. I create the frame, grid, comboboxes dynamically. The user can set the comboboxes, and he/she presses the ok button, and in an OnAsyncClick handler I check the ItemIndex variables of each combobox and put them in a database. The problem is: in the OnAsyncClick handler I cannot get the actual ItemIndex value, I always get -1, no matter how it is set. I tried using the OnAyncChange event of the individual comboboxes, the result is the same. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm missing something.

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IWComboBox in a IWGrid, which is in a IWFrame - by jefflynn - 04-03-2020, 07:16 AM

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