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Getting "Invalid page context" exceptions after upgrade to 15.1.12
Thanks Alexandre,

just wanted to mention again that we have seen several more cases where this happens besides the one I could reproduce in the test program (the one with the explicit redirect), and many (but not all) involve url parameters for the start form. For example, we have four almost identical cases in a mobile web application (built with CGDevTools jQuery Mobile components) where it looks from the logs that two almost simultaneous sessions are created for the same user agent and IP (happened both with Chrome Mobile and Safari Mobile). In this case no url parameters should be involved. Also, I see some cases in our main web application (pure standard IW) where it looks (from logs) like the loading of the start page fails somehow and you get the exception many seconds later (possible as a result of a refresh). Let me know if you need more details on this, or if you are on to something that might explain all errors that have occurred after the upgrade.

EDIT: Note: If you can find a fix it would be great if the next release (15.1.15?) would still be binary compatible with 15.1.12 (as it is currently difficult to get updated CGDevTools installers).

Best regards

Magnus Oskarsson

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