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Getting "Invalid page context" exceptions after upgrade to 15.1.12
Hi Alexandre,

sorry for the delay in response, I have unfortunately been out of the office due to illness for a few days. There is definitely something strange in these cases compared to the previous version of IW we used. There are not multiple forms involved in any of the cases which can explain it (you are in both cases still in the start form, and are not (yet) trying to create some other form). Setting SurrogateSessionId=True for app B does not remove the exception in case 2 (which is strange since I do not see any difference then between A and B). But setting CheckFormId=False does as you say remove it, so that can be a temporary workaround too keep our error logs clean. But we do want to run with as high security as possible, so we would still want a solution for this (in the same way as we would want a solution for the CGDevTools issue which forces SurrogateSessionID=False).

I'll check if I can find my old test project for case 2 and see if the error can be easily reproduced.

Best regards

Magnus Oskarsson

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