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Exception : Access violation at address 05D90E45 in module 'isapi.dll'
(01-08-2020, 08:17 PM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: In all of the stack traces I see references to IWBS components. Besides that, at first, looks to me that somehow the form being executed has been released prematurely. Is that possible? How are you creating/destroying your forms?

Forget what I said above. The issue seems to be during the destruction of one of the forms, this is what happens: 
- IWContainers of the form are being destroyed and destroy all child controls
TIWBSCustomRegion.Destroy is called
TIWBSCustomControl.Destroy is called -> somewhere here down the line an AV happens

Seems to be related to the destruction of one descendant of TIWBSCustomControl
Hi Alexandre,
thanks for your answers.
After numerous stress tests on my app I came to the same conclusion that it may be a bug in the bootstrap library (TIWBSCustomControl). Can I help you? What should I do to solve the problem?


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