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Webservice demo ?
Hi Shane, Ioan and Dan,

Happy New Year to you all. And thanks for your replies.

@Shane: Thanks for your C++ example. I'm not fluent in C++ but do understand most of your example. As far as I can read it, the data you are transporting between client and server, is done in an XML doc, which is attached to the request as a file. But how is that file attached to the request. Is it part of the http://www.xxxx.xx address line, or is it a build-in function of the request block ?

@ioan: Thanks for the link. I've been through that as part of completing the SOAP Server / Client example and have now taken it further and actually made it into a stand alone service, which I have installed and have running on my server. With a price starting at 700 US$ for RemObjects Remoting SDK, currently it is not an option. It might be later and I expect I will try it for free as they offer, but the final solution right now, will have to be without. But thanks for the hint.

@Dan: With the ChapmanWorld SOAP Client and Server example from 2015, both the client and the server is not wrapping or unwrapping any actual XML and coding the call and data handling is more like standard Delphi coding, like in this example on the client:

var  Prd  : Product;
  Prd      := Product.create;
  Prd      := (HTTPRIO1 as SoapApiSoap).GetProduct(strtoint(IWEdit1.Text));
  IWLabel1.Caption := Prd.ProductName;
  IWlabel2.Caption  := Prd.Price.tostring;

Using Delphi's SOAP Server Application wizard makes it easy to work with, but combining it with Delphis Windows Service Wizard, to turn an ISAPI DLL into a HTTP.SYS Stand Alone WebService, makes it a bit more complicated.

And with the client on my workstation, I do get both WDSL and the functionality of the example, sent between the two. However, the example server part (the xxxintf and xxximpl pas files) is just returning the data it receives. I need to figure out how to get data in a table in a database and send back to the client, and could use a few hints. I suppose it is in the xxximpl.pas file it's done, but as it has no form, dropping a connection and query component on it is not an option. They will have to be created at runtime.

And it leads me to a question I hope one of you know the answer to: Using an ADOConnection to connect to an MS SQL server (with SQLOLEDB.1 as Provider) and a ADOQuery to execute (open) a "Select xxx from yyy", in the xxximpl.pas file, the ADO connection will be activated and deactivated for every query call. Is that the preferred way ?


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