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Strange forms (?) problem
Hi All,

I have a strange problem in my project. I don't know if it is related to IW, but you guys are the best to ask, I recon:

I have a project (usual HTTP SA) with 15+ forms and during all the time I've been developing it, I have never been able to see the forms in the project Options (Project, Options, Applications, Forms), but I can now. I  can actually move them between available forms and auto-create forms. 

It started after I renamed a form and saved the pas file as another name. After I removed the original file from the directory, IDE reported error F2613, unit (original name) not found. After some searching it turned out to be in a uses clause (after implementation) in one form, where the original unit name was. When correcting the error, the project compiled ok.

But since then, I now have the list of forms in my project, shown in project options.

Is it no longer regarded by IDE as an IW project ?


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