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Event to authorize access to IW forms
(11-20-2019, 11:14 PM) Wrote: Hi,

I have many forms in my project.
I have created a table to put the rights of each user. 
Some users only can access some forms.

What  would be the better event to check if a user is authorized to load and see the form?
I´d like to show a dialog message in that event if the user is not authorized.

I think is a a event in servercontroller. But, what? and How to send  a async message to browse saying the user is not authorized? Is possible to send a message from servercontroller and not from a form?

I will appreciate some others ideas about it

Regards , 

There is always an active form in your application, after the main form has been shown and if it is not terminated.

You should create a single method for switching forms which is called from any place where the user can move to another form. In that method you can check the new requested form, the user and the rights. Then you can always call WebApplication.ShowMessage(). it will work for async and sync events, transparently.

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