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Event to authorize access to IW forms
(11-26-2019, 03:07 PM) Wrote:
(11-25-2019, 03:33 AM)DanBarclay Wrote: Luiz,

I do it a little differently.  It's a little more overhead, but I have a function that launches forms using the target form name as a parameter.

If a form isn't supposed to launch, I can launch a substitute from the same procedure.

There is a little more overhead, but not enough to matter.  You can request a new form from your procedure, do testing and create exception behavior in a consistent way, before a new form is even requested from IW.

Note that using the form name as the parameter is arbitrary.  It could as easily be a number but using the name constant makes it more readable for me.

The details of how you do that might be different, but the idea of doing your testing/branching before IW even knows what form you want might simplify things for you.


Dan, but what happend if the user is not cliciking a button to access your form.
Let's suppose the user type the page URL  right into browser.
In this case, I have no way to check credentials of the user.

How do you take care of it?

I assume you are talking about clicking a button outside IW.  If the button was inside IW, you would call your "form selection procedure" from that event.  If the button was outside IW then you would need to do something different.

I don't have that situation to deal with, but it seems to me that you could make that switch in a content handler.  Instead of allowing the URL to direct the page, use a content handler to inspect the URL and decide the target form.  It would give you a shot at redirecting before the form is launched.

Again, I haven't done that.  I'm just thinking that process would work.

The concept, in any case, is to decide which form to launch before getting IW involved in the process. Others may prefer to do it a different way, but this seems more clean to me since you haven't started launching a form.


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