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Mixing of usersessions?

You say:

1) If you are pooling you are recycling database connections and you certainly could be leaving open state between reuses.

All database actions are between a LockDataModule try..finally UnlockDataModule . 
So if you see my code this should really work fine. I always close the transactions/database before re-using

2) Depending on your DB connectivity using the DB name may be invalid. Most connectivity components require explicit assigning by session instance when used in threads rather than by name.

I use UserSession.DbPad, which contains the full file spec to my interbase database. I dont see this could  go wrong.

Strange is also that this happens only with the first form shown?
This form shows a list of data, if i select a records it goes to a detail form , for which the technique is re-used and i get a error that the record was not found. The reason for this is that the detail uses a different database!

 This all happens just once in 3-4 months 

So what is the best approach now?

Leave the pooling mechanisme? 


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