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IW unable to server static files in folder
(11-18-2019, 02:13 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: No it is not a bug. From the aforementioned post:

"...You have to create a folder named "acme-challenge" under your application folder (not wwwroot, but the actual IW application folder) and put the challenge file there."
Alexandre, as I said before, zeroSSL documentation says to put the challenge into ".well-known/acme-challenge/' not into "acme-challenge".
If I put into "acme-challenge" zeroSSL is unable to find the challenge and throw an error.

From zeroSSL:
To verify domain ownership using HTTP verification, you will need to create appropriate files with specific text strings under your "webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/" directory, where "webroot" is the main directory with your website pages. Please make sure that the files you have created are actually accessible (by clicking the links below in the File column) and have proper content before clicking "Next".
Text: 36Uq8wCvx1YEzPxX-hDPDO5-xr7WLi3A_u_GqoCCCCCAeasdfaK4.wAJFtVdbhUdivX8S-P1giJnHHUgpMFrUOgFKvV-eWLc

If i put the challenge into 'acme-challenge" folder as you said I get an error. See my other post please.

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