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IW unable to server static files in folder
Hi I am trying create a valid SSL certificate withn zeroSSL.

To validate the CSR I choice HTTP option and zeroSSL saids I have to put some files in "{wwwroot}.well-known/acme-challenge/" folder

I am having a problem where IW is unable to server static files when I create ".well-known/acme-challenge/"  into wwwroot.

IW returns an error of "Resource not found".

It seems IW has a problem com "hyphen". I was searching in the google, I can see "hyphen" is a legal char in a URL and doesn´t needs to encode it.
But if I encode it, I also have the same problem.

Code:   // here I get resource not found

I did a test changing  the names folder to the next, and it works
Code:  // here it works

But I need to use:

I have tried to change  hyphen with "%2D" but no look.

How could I fix it?
Is it a IW bug?

Regards, Luiz

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