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IW 15.1.8 is out
(11-13-2019, 06:13 AM)SorenJensen Wrote:
Hi Alexandre and all fellow IW users,

Being relatively new to the modern versions of Delphi (started long before Turbo Pascal and stopped at Rad 2010), I'm a bit in doubt about upgrading Delphi. I'm on 10.3.2.

For the latest version of IW to be installed, we need Delphi (or Rad) version 10.3.2 but with a supplemental patch, as described in Alexandre's post.

Using the link to get to the patch, I realized there are other patches I have not installed either and reading about them, I find that most do not apply to me, the version of 10.3.2 (Delphi Pro) or the work I'm doing.

My question, simple one I hope, is: Is it necessary to install all patches as the are being made available by Embarcadero, regardless of what the patch is about, or is it ok just to pick individual patches, as in this case with (item) 30886.

I do realize that some patches are depending on others before hand, but I would expect Embarcadero to note that, as part of the description of the patch / update.


Hi Soren,

regarding patches: there are always fixes for RTL/VCL/Compiler which one way or another affects all Delphi users (RTL is used by all Delphi applications regardless of the compiler/framework used).

We recommend you to always keep updated (i.e. you should at least install all update packs released by Emb). In case of Delphi 10.3, the patch is also required because - due to a problem with Delphi build itself - update pack 2 broke all 3rd party design time packages.

For other IDEs some update packs are critical (e.g. XE3 has a critical bug in StartsText() function that will probably break your application completely).

Having said that, except for Delphi 10.3 Rio, you can probably install IntraWeb on most of Delphi IDEs without installing all update packs, but there is always a risk that (a) the IDE design time packages won't load correctly or (b) the final application built with it won't work as expected (as an example, if you install XE3 without the fix for StartsText() )

IntraWeb is developed, built and tested with *all* Update packs and patches which can affect Windows 32/64 platform.


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