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reverse proxy issue? Fails on 15.1.5 works on 15.0.17
(02-04-2020, 07:50 PM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Changing forms during an Async event requires redirection (because the URL might change between forms). Redirection certainly is affected by the way reverse proxy related stuff is organized. 

So, regarding your last sentence, yes switching from one to another might affect that. However, and I'd like to emphasize, in a correct setup both forms should just work transparently without any changes to internals of HMTL, JS and XML.


So what to I need to do?  Did you look at the Config.web I posted? It appears to be setup correctly. 
It will take a lot of work to change all the buttons that launch a new page to use OnClick instead of OnAsyncClick.
As noted in prior email the  async event created a CData statment with the Proxy server IP address rather than a relative url.
Is there any tracing that I can enable that would help spot the issue?

Thank you
Bill B

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