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reverse proxy issue? Fails on 15.1.5 works on 15.0.17
(11-27-2019, 09:19 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Look, it is failing now not because 15.1.9 does something wrong, but because UrlRewrite is not able to handle the requests correctly.

UrlRewrite is *not* a reverse proxy, although people use it as such. If you try Apache, for instance, it will work without any modification to your application transparently without rewriting anything, because Apache is actually intended to work as a reverse proxy.

Having said that, setting UrlBase and stopping UrlRerwrite to interfere with headers, addresses and content, it should work.

If it is not working I'll need to recreate *in detail* your environment, so I'll need more information than what you provided so far.

I need to know the exact rules which are active on your IIS/UrlRewrite module, to start preparing it. Later I might need more information.

I have sent your response to our customer, will update when I hear back.

(11-27-2019, 01:47 PM)kudzu Wrote: Alexandre,

Would it be useful to you to have PDSBILL generate output from the older version which he says works to compare the outputs?

I am more the happy to perform any tracing that you need in both the 15.0.17 and 15.1.9 versions. ( I updated to the 15.1.9 ) Please advise what settings i need to apply in both versions and any IIS tracing that needs to be enabled.

Bill B

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