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reverse proxy issue? Fails on 15.1.5 works on 15.0.17
(11-13-2019, 09:20 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: IntraWeb is designed to work with Reverse Proxies but there is no need to rewrite anything. What software is that and what is being rewritten in the request?

I have sent the customer your request for more info and will post their response when I get it
The one thing that seems strange is that the test program works fine when build under 15.0.117 but fails when built using 15.1.5. 
We have several Intraweb apps running at this customers site all built on 15.0.17 any never had an issue like this.

Just heard back from customer. Here is their reponse

We are using the Url Rewrite module on IIS on Windows Server.  It looks for and rewrites the host name so that it will work correctly from the outside.  So the reverse proxy works like this –

From the outside a request is made to which goes to our reverse proxy server in our DMZ.
The DMZ server takes the request and routes it to the internal CDPlus server.  Since the internal server is going to return either the internal name, or the translated IP it was accessed by from the DMZ server, we have to update those to so that when another call, link, etc is made from the outside it gets routed to the right place.

If it doesn’t get re-written, then it’s passed through as it is now – to the outside and so the requests failed since it’s not a real IP from the outside.

Does that make sense?

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