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reverse proxy issue? Fails on 15.1.5 works on 15.0.17
I have create a simple app with 2 forms. each form has a button to go to the other form on async click
when run the first form appears but when I attempt to go to the 2nd form, I get an error. I asked the web IT what is causing the error and here is his response,
this program works under IW 15.0.17 but fails under 15.1.5.

below is response from customer IT staff.

So here’s what’s happening.  The site is making an ajax request that returns XML which has javascript commands that are being executed.  The one being returned is redirecting to a URL, but in that URL is the translation IP address.  I’m not sure if it’s possible with the program to tell it to use absolute URLs to the route (i.e. /webppreviewer_DEV/projecttestssl.dll/) without the domain or IP, or if there is a way around this.
The Url rewrite module on the reverse proxy is supposed to make this change, but it’s set to do it on outgoing html traffic.  I changed it to also look for outgoing XML and to add the <literal> tag, but it’s still not catching it, probably because it’s in a CDATA section.
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reverse proxy issue? Fails on 15.1.5 works on 15.0.17 - by PDSBILL - 11-11-2019, 03:41 PM

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