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Back Button control
Hi Kudzu,

The Guess program do not open other pages and therefore do not show a back button. I have tried NewWindowDemo instead, opening a new window with the IW manual PDF file.

And added InterceptGlobal, yes to Showmessage and a simple text in Warningmessage.

Trying IE: it do block and show my message. CTRL+SHIFT+j do not work (or at least do not show anything), so using the menu to open devtools, and Consol, and it do show the same 3 HTML errorcodes. However, IE11 also show HTML7011, between 1300 and 1512. 7011 says: the Code on this page has deactivated cachestorage forward and backward.

Trying EDGE: Do not intercept and tries to go back. Show the 3 previous HTML messages when opening DevTools (ctrl+shift+j)

Trying Chrome: Do not intercept the back button and try to go back. Do not show ANY messages in Console with ctrl-shift+j

Trying Cliqz (the version of Firefox I use) at it do intercept and give same message as IE11. Ctrl+Shift+j on the other hand, do open a devtool console, but wit another error: Uncaught exception. Key event not available n some keyboard layouts.


and no, I do not use a template.

Sorry, I did not try the ctrl+shift+j on the guess program, but I just did and:

IE: no info whatsoever in the DevTools. It's like IE do not react to ctrl+shift+j.
Chrome: open deltool windows, but without any text.
Edge: Do open the Devtools, and show HTML1300 but not 1512 and 1514
Firefox: do show the devtool window, and show the same message uncaught exception.


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