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Open a PDF file in a new window
Hi All,

I have now found a solution to the IE11 problem of not showing the PDF, but instead a blank screen, often blocking the browser for a while or completely. I do not know whether this is the only solution (I suspect not), and though it is working, it is not working quite as I would want. Like it does in Edge.

The solution lies in IE11 and the Manage of Add-Ons, and partly in IE11 security:

In IE11, open tools and select Add Ons.

If the list of Add-Ons, Toolbars and Extentions contains Adobe PDF Reader then, according to the support of Adobe, Disabling the Add On, should be sufficient to make IE11 open the PDF file outside IE11, using Adobe Reader. When it is active IE11 will try to open it inside IE11.

If it is not listed, then further down, in the drop down box where it says: currently loaded add-ons, select "run without permission". If Adobe PDF Reader is in the list, then leave it active, leave Manage Add-Ons and go back to Tools, and select ActiveX-Filtering to activate it.

That way it works in my machine (WIN 10 64-1903) with IE11.

AND if you have similar issues with other browsers, then Adobe has a very fine description of how to make it work in most browsers:

In the Start menu (on windows), select "Adobe Reader DC" to open the reader without a specific PDF file. Select Edit and Settings, and select the menu point Internet on the left. In the right side pane that shows, it a link line saying "how to set up your browser to use adobe products to view pdf documents". That points to an Adobe site showing how-to for most available browsers.

What I meant with not working quite as I would want, is the way the PDF is shown. In IE11, at least the way it's set up on my machine, it uses a full page (fit to page size) rather than showing it with the actual sizes. I use it to show receipts created as PDF files. They are 80 mm wide and typically 160 mm long, and in EDGE, Chrome And Firefox, they are show as realistic receipts, in the middle of the screen, with gray area around, leaving an impression of actually looking at a copy of the receipt, whereas IE11 fits the 80mm width to the entire screen, with the result that you do not see the actual receipt, but the text it contains, in a very large font. I prefer it the way the other browsers do it.

It might just be a setting somewhere i IE11, but I won't be using more time on it. However, if you have a solution to that, please feel free to share it, and I will try it.


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