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FTPS with Indy/Delphi to connect with special Visa FTPS server

any help would be useful.

This Visa server is quite specific (I have tried two commercial FTP clients /WS_FTP and TurboFTO/, none of them could connect to this server), two examples:

- requires a special sequence of FTP command during connection startup ( I could follow this making some modifications in IdFTP.pas)
- behaves a little bit special when using the CCC option (I'm stuck with this)

Server documentation states:

Quote:The client is expected to initiate the TLS shutdown after receiving the 200 response to the CCC request.

When I issue the CCC command, it receives the correct answer from the server, but after this the connection is broken. It seems the Indy Ftp client / OpenSSL solution handles this situation a little bit different as the server requires it, but I do not know how to change this.


What I can see in the IdFtp.pas, after issuing the "CCC" command and receiving the acceptence from the server, the following is executed:

(IOHandler as TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketBase).PassThrough := True;

And that's all!!!

I do not know how could any change be applied to modify the client behaviour.

Thanks in advance.

Tibor Peak

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