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Async events dont trigger after IW 15.0.22/23 update
After spending a few hours investigating this issue, we found out that this is caused by a bug in TMS code. 

This is (part of) an e-mail I've just sent to TMS support:

Stripping out irrelevant code, this is what TMS AdvEdit control generates:

<input  type="text" id="TIWADVEDIT1" name="TIWADVEDIT1"  value="TIWAdvEdit1" onFocus="" </input>

Please notice an empty onFocus event. 

In case OnAsyncExit event is assigned to this control, initialization code (in JavaScript) will replace the original onfocus event handler with its own multicast handler and add the original onfocus event handler as the first element of the event array. The assigned OnAsyncExit will become the second element of the array.

When onfocus is triggered, the first onfocus is executed and, if the return value doesn't evaluate to false, the second event will be executed in sequence (OnAsyncExit).

What happens is that an empty onfocus event handler will evaluate to false and break the execution chain.

This used to work before due to a (very old) bug in IW which has been fixed in IW 15.0.22.

I will add an (ugly) workaround in IW code to avoid that empty event handlers are added to our list of event handlers which will "fix" this issue, but I strongly recommend you to fix the generated code so no empty event handlers are generated.

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