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Async events dont trigger after IW 15.0.22/23 update
(06-20-2019, 09:27 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Can you please test this project? It contains a pre-compiled version and also the source code. Test the pre-compiled version first and see if it works. Then try to build it using your version and see if the behavior is the same.


TIWADVEdit OnAsyncExit doesn't work in the pre-compiled and the built version.

I also found the reason why the OnAsyncChange, OnAsyncEnter or the OnAsyncButtonclick didnt work in my project. There were all expecting a variable from a previous TIWAdvEdit that was setting a variable value on its OnAsyncExit.

Please let me know when you expect this issue to be resolved or if I have to revert to a version prior to the 15.0.22 version as this has halted our development.

Thank you!

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RE: Async events dont trigger after IW 15.0.22/23 update - by msgopala - 06-20-2019, 12:11 PM

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