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Async events dont trigger after IW 15.0.22/23 update
(06-19-2019, 12:44 PM)msgopala Wrote:
(06-19-2019, 04:38 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Does it work for IntraWeb controls?


Re -compiled project, re-built project & saved project. Still same results.

Removed the TMS components. Built and re-added to ide. 

Opened project, complied and ran - same result

deleted one TTIWAdvEdit and re-added from component palette. Added OnAsyncExit code - Same result.

Added an IW standard button,  added my onAsyncExit code to the OnAsyncClick event of the IWButton. Code worked.

Added a standard IWEdit and copied the onAsyncExit code to this IwEdit. Code worked.

OnAsync Exit of the TTIWAdvEdit does not work with the new update.

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