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Sample 10.3 POP3 code moving from Indy 9 on D7
Which identifiers is the compiler complaining about exactly?  Please be more specific. Is it complaining about TIdAttachment and TIdText, by chance? If so, you need to add the IdAttachment and IdText units to your uses clause. In Indy 9, everything was in the IdMessage unit. In Indy 10, things like TIdMessageParts, TIdText, TIdAttachment, etc have been broken out into their own units.

Also, your code is a little confusing, as an item in the TIdMessage.MessageParts collection can't be both a TIdAttachment and a TIdText at the same time, and type-casting a TIdText to a TIdAttachment is wrong.  I think you are missing some begin..end blocks in this code, or maybe the TIdText check doesn't belong at all.


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